A gateway to the bright web
For Dapp Creators
Create a Dapp
and host in on three P2P protocols (DAT, IPFS and Swarm) with one upload.
Checksum it
and mark it with metadata.
Register it to Ingress' Ethereum Registrar
to automate validation of your Dapp's front end for your users.
For Dapp Users
Load a Dapp
securely from P2P protocols.
Receive Warnings
if code has changed or new versions are available.
Support & Secure Dapps
by pinning them to your own nodes and keeping them available.
Why Ingress?
We created Ingress to help solve security vulnerabilities in decentralized applications ("Dapps"). Ingress is still just a prototype and we have a ways to go, but we are offering it up as one possible model for securing the user experience when using Dapps.
Blockchains can act like giant shared computers than run the same application code on every machine. This allows them act like global computer that can execute programs with trust in their end results.
P2P file storage protocols can act like a giant shared hard drive for blockchain global computers by storing files on decentralized networks at relatively lower cost than on a blockchain.
Global Shared Computers Enable Dapps
When blockchains and P2P file storage work together, they are capable of producing unstoppable applications with their resources ran and served on decentralized networks.
However, blockchains and P2P file storage protocols enable Dapps that work on a global computer. But for many Dapps, their user experiences often have a requirement to go through centralized architecture. Their front ends can be served from an owned server that is access through an owned domain name.
Ingress Helps Secure Their "Front Ends"
Blockchains and P2P file storage create decentralized "Back Ends" for Dapps, but not the "Front Ends." When a Dapp front end is susceptible to DNS attacks, certificate spoofing, or having their centralized web servers compromised, they become a target.
To help reduce those risks, Ingress' concept is to store and serve Dapp Front End code on P2P file storage, and then secure the state of that code by registering checksums to an immutable blockchain registry.
When a Dapp living on P2P file storage is accessed through Ingress, Ingress will consult its blockchain registrar and validate that the file loaded from P2P is the file registered to the blockchain. This offers another small step in protection for Dapp users.